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Report and Implementation Visit (40 Min) Supplement and at-home recommendations as well as corrective care plan (frequency and number of visits), Adjustment

Initial Visit (60 min) History, Chiropractic Neurology Exam, Adjustment 

Brain-Based Chiropractic

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Integrative Care Program

Answering our health assessment prior to your discovery call helps us learn more about your situation so we can dive deeper and determine if we are a good fit and can help you. 

Fill Our Our Health Assessment

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It’s 15 minutes, it’s free and it gives us an opportunity to talk about you. Together we determine if MCN can help you. If it’s a good fit, we move on to the next step.

15 Minute Discovery Call

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This visit is one hour. You sit down with Dr. Drew and go in-depth about your condition and health history. You will go through an exam and testing recommendations will be made. You will then sit down with Karla, our health coach to go over how to perform testing and send it in so we can obtain accurate test results and find out what is going on. All your questions will be answered so you can leave confident that you are on the right track. 

Initial Visit 

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During this time you will be starting your chiropractic care and foundational supplement protocol to start making progress. This will allow for optimal results when your tailored healthscape plan is started. 

While You Wait For Test Results

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This is a ninety minute visit. You will meet with Dr. Drew to go over your results and your recommended healthscape plan. We utilize a variety of tools including supplementation, chiropractic care, movement and breathing, detoxification and at home drills. You will also meet with Karla to discuss lifestyle strategies to support your progress as we go through the plan. This is a very important part of your care because following up regularly and making adjustments when necessary is key to reaching your goals. The optimal results can only be achieved by taking into account each individual's life, limitations, and the sources of stress. 

Report and Results Visit

step five

Here is the exciting part! This is where you put your plan into action. MCN and all of our resources are at your full disposal to help support you every step of the way. You will determine a schedule to meet with Karla for coaching and meet with Dr. Drew for the recommended chiropractic adjustments. Treatment success is achieved when a person has learned how to independently self-manage his/her condition and maximize participation in everyday life.

Implementation and Execution

step six

Insurance can be billed for your chiropractic adjustments. The other aspects of your plan are not eligible for insurance coverage. A comprehensive and integrative plan is necessary to experience optimal results.


Initial visit (75 mins)
  • History, Right Eye Assessment, Chiropractic Neurology Exam and Adjustment

2nd visit or Subsequent Visits 
  • Treadmill test to determine intensity of exercise - continues until test is passed
  • Adjustment

3rd visit or Subsequent Visits - Once treadmill test is passed
  • Right Eye Reassessment
  • Return to play testing begins - increased heart rate tolerance, agility, stamina, and complex movement are tested in a controlled setting while monitoring heart rate and symptoms in order to clear players to return to full contact practices and gameplay

Acute and Post-Concussion Care