MCN is focused on the most dedicated, driven individuals who want to continuously evolve their health and quality of life.

Treating you and your current healthscape as a whole addressing the root cause of your problem(s) is essential so you can experience an improved quality of life and reach a higher standard of healthy living and performance. 

Midwest Chiropractic Neurology integrates brain-based chiropractic care, functional medicine, and Evidence based therapies to create Custom personalized healthscapes.

Chiropractic Neurology,
TMJ Specialist, and
Concussion Rehabilitation Clinic in Chippewa Falls, WI.

I work with patients to help them overcome migraines, concussions, strokes, sports injuries, leaky gut, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, chronic stress and a whole host of other problems. I love helping patients understand more about the challenges they are facing and how they can overcome them. Providing a deeper connection to health is my primary goal as this empowers patients to be their own health advocates.

My passion for chiropractic began after I was adjusted for the first time. I experienced hemiplegic-migraines which are a rare type of migraine that mimic the symptoms of a stroke. I was treated by multiple medical doctors with no resolution, until I was introduced to chiropractic. It was amazing the improvement in my migraines after the first adjustment. Fast forward to today and now I am the director of MCN helping patients overcome challenges just as I did. I can’t wait for you to experience health on a deeper level because once you do, you will never want to go back.   

I love helping people overcome health challenges and optimize their performance as I myself suffered from debilitating migraines until I found chiropractic and experienced it’s amazing benefits. I have been migraine free ever since! 

I'm Dr. Drew Gintner

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Chiropractic based on functional assessments that allow Dr. Drew to determine the optimal way to adjust you and improve overall function. Every patient's needs are different based on their past experiences and their brains' prediction of what is coming next. This concept is the lens through which we assess all of our patients and why our care is unique to each patient.  

Specific adjustments based on functional assessment of the brain.

Brain-Based Chiropractic 

Gold standard testing and individualized treatment plans that address issues with concussion, stress, sleep, hormones, anxiety, depression, leaky gut, IBS, and auto-immune diseases. This approach integrates health coaching and brain-based chiropractic care to provide support and guidance while optimizing nervous system function so your body can utilize supplementation and interventions to the highest potential.  

Functional Medicine and Brain- Based Chiropractic

Integrative Care

In-depth baseline testing, examination and interventions backed by research, including RightEye functional vision assessment, rehabilitation therapies and  return to play clearance evaluation that allows you to get back on the field or court safely and in peak form.

From preseason baseline testing to post injury examination, we get you back to full strength

Concussion & Sports Injury Rehab

Dr. Drew is a certified medical examiner and is credentialed to conduct DOT physicals and collect urine samples for submission for drug screening. We offer same day appointments and will work with individuals and any employers who need these services for their employees. 

We provide DOT Physicals and Drug Screenings including pre-employment for employers 

DOT Physicals and Drug Screenings

Andrew S.

Dr. Drew has been my chiropractor for over 2 years and I couldn't be happier! He has a great bedside manner, explains whats going on, what he is going to do, and is always willing to spend time with you. He always has genuine concern on one's condition and treats what's currently going on, along with treating a patient's long term history. I will continue to happily support, and refer others to his practice!

Davis B.

I came to Dr. Drew for help with anxiety. I had issues when traveling in the car on long trips and when traveling to games. Since coming to MCN I have little to no anxiety. I was able to start a new job and am excelling in school and athletics. I look forward to coming into the office because the staff is so friendly and makes me feel welcome. I would highly recommend MCN. 

Kind words

The secret to health is a misnomer because health isn’t a secret. There is someone in the world that has healed and overcome every ailment known to man. It’s about finding the right formula and sticking to it so you can heal and truly be healthy again. 

I know how impactful feeling well is in your relationships, career, finances, sport, and beyond. That is why at MCN we take the time to dive deep and work with you on all aspects of your life so that they align with your goals and the health that correlates to achieving them. At MCN you can be certain you have a team that will never quit and work alongside you until you reach your full potential. We coach you and provide top notch care so that you are supported through the process. You’ll leave our office feeling empowered with a plan to get your life back on track or to reach new heights. 

BUT YOU’VE BEEN TO MULTIPLE DOCTORS AND SPECIALISTS AND NOTHING SEEMS TO HELP OR PROVIDE ANSWERS. You don’t know where to go from here and feel lost on what to do next. I’ve been there and know exactly what it feels like. 

You want to feel like yourself again