I began my higher education at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire where I majored in biology. I attended Life University in Marietta, GA where I earned my doctorate of chiropractic degree. After graduating in 2018 I joined a practice in Eau Claire, WI for a brief period and then went on to open my own clinic, Midwest Chiropractic Neurology in the spring of 2019.

I’m a chiropractor and the founder of Midwest Chiropractic Neurology.  

Hello, I’m Dr. Drew Gintner

 After this experience I knew that chiropractic was how I wanted to help people going forward. I then was exposed to chiropractic neurology when I was completing my undergraduate degree and it was the perfect marriage of chiropractic and neurology. I was considering becoming a neurologist at this time but had some concerns that I wouldn’t be able to do enough to help patients. Fast forward to today and now I am the director of MCN helping patients overcome challenges everyday just as I did. I can’t wait for you to experience what it is like to be truly healthy because once you do you will never want to go back.   

When I’m not at the office you can find me on the golf course, boating on Lake Holcombe or Wissota, working out, shooting hoops, brainstorming with other small business owners, inventing new and innovative products, or enjoying time with my family and friends.  

My passion for what I do began when I found chiropractic and was adjusted for the first time. Since I was young I experienced hemiplegic-migraines which are a rare type of migraine that mimic the symptoms of a stroke. I was treated by multiple medical doctors who tried everything they could to help with no resolution, until I was introduced to chiropractic. The improvement in my migraines after the first adjustment was astonishing. 

I’ve been working with patients to help them overcome migraines, concussions, strokes, sports injuries, leaky gut, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, chronic stress and a whole host of other problems.

I love helping patients understand more about the challenges they are facing and how they can overcome them. Providing a deeper connection to their health is my primary goal as this empowers patients to be their own health advocates.

Working as a health coach at MCN, I help you set goals and teach you how to make changes one step at a time. Holding YOU accountable to YOUR goals is an important part of my coaching process and is vital for your success. Knowing that I am listening and cheering for you along the way makes you feel supported and inspired as you are not alone in working toward better health. 

If you’re ready to make changes and don’t know where to start, I encourage you to schedule time to meet with me. Your small changes today can make for a healthier tomorrow!” 
Change can feel frightening. I understand it completely because I too have been there!

I joined MCN as a Certified Holistic Health Coach in January of 2022. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 30 years and together we have five children. My journey towards wellness began over 14 years ago. Our kids were continuously sick and the medical bills were “out of control” as a result. It was at that moment I decided to become “proactive” and take responsibility for our health. We started seeing a chiropractor and did a pantry/refrigerator overhaul by replacing our food with better choices. Before long, our frequent visits to the doctor decreased significantly and I also discovered my love for health coaching in the process!  

I’m the Certified Holistic Health Coach at midwest chiropractic neurology.

Hello, I’m Karla Roach

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